About Jean Gougeon

Hi my name is Jean Gougeon, this website is the result of some skills that I’ve fine tuned over last several years and which have also defined my professional career, namely, graphic design, web UX / UI, front-end web development, a little back-end dev as well and a serious hobby of photography.

It’s a custom responsive WordPress website, I designed and built from the ground up using a stripped down starter theme, hand coded and customized in every detail. It was also designed to browser from start to finish, no PSD was used.

This site is all about “moments in time”. Moments caught through the viewfinder of my camera, captured in pixels as photographs or video, like the one below of my daughter that turned out great. It’s also the moment a piece of code finally works well or an idea turned into a memorable design.

Moments for me are also, gnarly singletrack mountain bike trails that you just have to ride a second time, jumping out of a small plane to see your parachute fully deploy, making new ski tracks in freshly fallen snow, hiking a summit to reap the reward of the breath taking view.

I hope you enjoy visiting this site about some of my “moments in time”.

Get in touch with me here, write a comment on one of my photographs, connect with me on Linkedin or follow me on Twitter.